Catholic Girls Afternoon Out

Well, I was going to start out by posting all the things we talked about in article format, but I just realized that some of my little demo sketches are somewhere on the home computer rather than on my flashdrive, and the blog will not let me copy and paste them from a Word document.  Grrr.  Therefore, I will start with the pictures instead.  (That's probably what all of you wanted to see first, anyway.)

Congratulations, Angela!

Gift Certificate:

Angela Robbins was the lucky winner of the 50% off gift certificate; we did waive the "must be present to win" rule because so many people had to leave early, but by lucky coincidence Angela was still there anyway.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to Sister for drawing the ticket!

Mini Fashion Show:

Then we did a very small fashion show focusing mainly on bridal gowns.  We did look at the other outfits but we left most of them on the hangars this time.  Wedding dresses are much more interesting!

The white gown is a very traditional style, with puffed sleeves, a pointed bodice, and a simple skirt.

The cream gown is very contemporary, but still completely modest.  It features horizontal pleats through the waist; a lace upper bodice, skirt inset, and train ruffle; the skirt is in the popular asymetrical pickup style. 

Both dresses have extensive hand detailing and are priced comparatively to wedding gowns purchased through bridal salons.  ($700-900)

 The Day in General:

Overall, everything went very well.  I was a lot less stressed than last year, and it was more fun for me as a result.  Father Radecki gave a very nice short sermon beforehand which essentially summarized my presentation; it was great because then I could build off what he had said and then go into greater detail.

Special thanks to Father for welcoming and speaking for us, the Sisters for coming and supporting, and to Paula Storm, who made all the arrangements on the St. Joseph's end - unfortunately she was sick on Sunday and couldn't actually come.  Thanks also to all the volunteers who brought the yummy refreshments and helped set up, and also to the girls who volunteered when I was doing "modesty demonstrations" to go with some of the topics - you were great!


While we were packing up, Christina just couldn't bear to change out of "her" wedding dress and insisted that we take some more pictures since she had gone to the trouble to do up her hair all fancy.  So here's some more pictures of the new dress, and I'll post the talk probably tomorrow.

Side View by the Our Lady statue in front of the school
The dress features 5 yards of crinoline in the skirt, so the skirt stands out very nicely on its own.  If desired, it is full enough for another crinoline slip to be work underneath - but then the bride might have trouble fitting through the doorways!
Front View - The inset is lace.

Back View - The back of the skirt is symmetrical;
the front is asymmetrical

While we were all standing outside taking pictures, several people driving by honked their horns, convinced it was a wedding...

Then, as if to prove that modesty really does get good results, an older African American couple driving by actually rolled down their window and the husband called out that "...she looked so pretty I thought she was a statue!"

While they were a little disappointed to learn it was only a fashion show and not a wedding, they were still very impressed.

 I hope we can do another event next year - hope to see you all there!

Closeup - Smile!


  1. Colleen,
    Do you have a web site where you sell your dresses? My wife would love to see some of your offerings; we currently purchase modest dresses from Mormons and Orthodox Jews, since they're the only ones who make pretty, modest dresses that are at all affordable.

  2. Hello Orthros,

    I do have a website, but I use it more as a gallery to show what I can do - like a portfolio.

    I would love to someday have an online "shop" but right now I just do custom work on a piece by piece basis.

    If your wife would like to see some more examples of my work I can email her some pictures, or post them here - just let me know!



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