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This is mainly for my own convenience, but if any of you find it helpful, well and good.  I do a LOT of apologetics on Twitter (you can follow me at @ColleenEldrach1) and rather than hunt through all my usual go-to websites every time I need to share an article, I've decided to post the most useful ones here by topic for easy reference.

What IS Sedevacantism? > Key Issues

Section E on popes and heresy:

"Traditionalists, Infallibility, and the Pope" by Fr. Anthony Cekada:

Origins of Sedevacantism

Marcel Lefebvre, Sedevacantist (Video)

1983 Letter of the Nine Priests to Archbishop Lefebvre (and guess what, they WEREN'T expelled over sedevacantism):

Legal battle of the Nine with the Society of St. Pius X over chapels the SSPX neither owned nor had paid for:

Why do traditionalists fear sedevacantism? (Video):


Stuck in a Rut:  Anti-Sedevacantism in the Age of Bergoglio (Video)


Sedevacantists are Protestants!

Sedevacantism is Pope Sifting!  You're judging the pope!

Who are YOU to say who's a heretic!

You deny that St. Peter had perpetual successors so you're condemned by Vatican I!

Sedevacantism would mean the Gates of Hell have prevailed!

Sedevacantism refuted?  Common objections answered by Fr. Anthony Cekada.

Can't we just be good Catholics and say it doesn't matter if Bergoglio is Pope or not?

Would God Permit a Non-Catholic Pope?

You're saying Popes have to be perfect!

A Bad Pope is like a Bad Dad:


Your priests and bishops are invalid! > Open Letter to Bp. Clarence Kelly

(While you're at it, are you so sure YOUR priestd and bishops are valid?)  "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void" by Fr. Anthony Cekada:

Your sacraments are illicit!

There's no way to ever get a pope if you're right!  (Wrong, there's the Cassiacum Thesis)

Novus Ordo Missae & Clergy

"Work of Human Hands" by Fr. Anthony Cekada is THE definitive book on where the New Mass came from, who its creators were, and how it came about.  The website also has a series of videos summarizing the various chapters.

Why the new ordinations and episcopal consecrations are "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void" by Fr. Anthony Cekada:

SSPX and R&R

Against Faulty Ideas on Infallibility and the Magisterium

"Must I Believe It?" by Canon George Smith, originally published in 1935 in the American Clergy Review.

"Always, Everywhere, and by All?"/St. Vincent of Lerins

Canonizations must be infallible:

Against Faulty Ideas on the Authority and Office of the Pope

Ultramontanism is just Catholicism

St. Paul resisted St. Peter to his face - but not the way SSPX wants you to believe

St. Robert Bellarmine on resisting a pope

St. Robert Bellarmine - 5 Opinions on a Heretical Pope (Sedevacantists follow Opinion 5, not 2, contrary to R&R propaganda)

Speaking of HERESY:  It's types and distinctions - sin vs. crime, manifest vs secret, etc.

A true pope cannot be deposed OR judged:

"Bergoglio's Got Nothing to Lose" by Fr. Anthony Cekada

No, there have never been heretical popes before:



St. Robert Bellarmine defends the supposedly heretical popes:

Vatican I theologians on heretical pope question, from an eyewitness:

Sedevacantism and Indefectibility:

London Conference given by Bp. Donald Sanborn (Video

"Indefectibility and Una Cum" by Bp. Donald Sanborn:

"Resistance and Indefectibility" by Bp. Donald Sanborn:

The Una Cum Question

"The Grain of Incense" by Fr. Anthony Cekada:

Shortened summary version:

"Indefectibility and Una Cum" by Bp. Donald Sanborn:


Resistance is Futile:  What has R&R really accomplished in 60 years?

Better to be wrong with the Pope, or right with Tradition against him?

Leo XIII condemns the R&R position:

Twelve Inconvenient Questions for the SSPX:

Inter-Sedevacantist Squabbles:

"Spiritual Cooties:  SSPV Communion policy after 30 years" by Fr. Anthony Cekada

Scattered Sheep without a Shepherd



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