Graphic Design Fun

Last week at work I was asked to come up with a poster for the campus art exhibit in May.  They said they would put it up on the website, but I was surprised to see it up the same day I submitted the final version!

Top of poster visible at middle right
It switches out with another announcement, so I noticed it when it moved.  Here's the full version, which you get when you click on the poster on the website:

The original is 11" by 17,"  with an antique paper background overlaid with burlap.  All the butterflies are public domain photos - aren't they pretty?  I know I've seen the same species as the largest one at the Detroit Zoo butterfly house.  I also like the slightly darker blue ones with the white fans at the edges of their wings.

I'll probably end up submitting something to the exhibit, just don't know what yet.  Maybe a dress on a dress form?  I don't know if I can survive without it for a week!  I'll have to see.  I should count the poster as my second entry.


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