Blue Ball Gown

Here they are, finally!  I made this dress for a ball on May 6, 2013, but since it was a little dark in the hall I didn't get very many nice pictures of it. 

It has a dropped waist, princess seams, and a sweetheart neckline.  All the overlays are organza, with the embroidered organza being a darker color than the plain.  I used the same color blue to layer under all of them to tie the slightly different blues together.
The back laces up and there is no zipper at all.  The puffed sleeves mimick the dress overlay.

I wore gloves to the ball but it was very hot while we were taking pictures, so I didn't wear them the whole time.  The blue hair ornaments are little flower rosettes with a circular ruffle of tulle underneath.  I don't like to wear headbands, so it made for a headband look without the headache.
This dress makes me feel like Cinderella!  I've always loved this color blue - even though my eyes are green - because it brings them out and has just a tiny bit of green in it.  Plus the organza had green sequins in it - fun and sparkly.

This picture looks like it should be in the Caribbean somewhere - the dress makes the water all by itself. 

It is a weird feeling for me when a dress I made for myself makes me feel like a princess, but I guess that is a good thing.   It was fun to make - if a bit rushed - and I love how it turned out!

At the ball we did English Country Dancing  - the kind seen in the Jane Austen movies - and I was a little clumsy at first because I only made it to one dance lesson due to the distances involved, but thankfully most of the dances repeated at least once.  I think everyone was nervous at first, but for the last set of dances it was awesome because we made hardly any mistakes at all.

The ball was at St. Dominic's Chapel in Highland, MI, in the social hall.  The Sisters decorated it almost beyond recognition, and turned one of the classrooms into the dining room.  We were all so surprised!  It is supposed to be the "First Annual" ball, so I definitely plan to go next year, too!


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