Carole's Special Moments, Richmond, MI

Carole's Special Moments is an adorable little shop about a half-hour south of where I live that will be closing at the end of September. The owners, Ed and Carole Miller, have had this shop for at least 30 years. Some of their products are vintage, but others are quite up to date and overall they have a staggering amount of very nice wedding supplies.

Everything in the store is at 60% to 80% off the marked price! Here's just some of the things they have:

Floral headpieces
Some bridal gowns - mostly vintage
Embroidered bridal handkerchiefs
Bridal party T shirts
Toasting glasses
Crinoline slips - the big pouffy kind!
Silk flowers Bouquet-making supplies
Ringbearer pillows & Flowergirl baskets
Cake toppers
Cake cutting sets
Guest books
...and every time I turned around I was seeing more wedding supplies! If you are looking for more traditional-minded wedding decor, I would HIGHLY recommend you go there.

Then, on top of all the wedding supplies, they have:
First Communion Dresses
Christening gowns - mostly toddler sized, but really cute
A couple tiny white suits
Teddy Bear Wardrobes
Outdoor flower decor
Seasonal items

Remember, EVERYTHING is at clearance prices! Please visit Carole's Special Moments in these last 2 months and support them! I don't know Ed and Carole very well, but this shop is so sweet it breaks your heart.


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