Teaching....and Expensive Brocade

Well, this is week 10 (Finals Week) of my first quarter teaching. WOW. Definitely a different feeling preparing to give an exam rather than preparing to take one!

I will be teaching again over the summer, one night a week, at Baker College in Port Huron. This quarter I'm teaching MTH 091 (third grade math for grownups); over the summer it'll be MTH 099 (fourth-sixth grade math for grownups). I'm starting to enjoy it. At least I know the material practically inside out thanks to tutoring for 3 and 1/2 years while I got my degree.

Aside from that, I'm keeping busy sewing - trying my hand at vestments for the first time, which is a little scary! Sometimes I don't really want to know how much the brocade costs per yard, just that I have to be careful with it. My client said to start with the pink/rose set, because then if I make any little mistakes I can do better on the white and red sets that get worn more frequently. Comforting...or maybe not?! The pink set is coming nicely as far as I can tell; no huge OOPS! moments yet. Will have pictures eventually, of course.


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