WordPress Goodies & Sneak Peeks

In the process of transferring some Altar & Hearth Magazine things so I can upload directly to that website, I had to get a WordPress account.  So, since I had this nice free potential website, I decided to play with it and set it up as a tentative site promoting this book I'm working on - not to mention that practicing like this will keep me from messing up something on the A & H website.

So far the website looks surprisingly professional after loading some pictures from my California trip last year (hard to believe it's been a year already!).  I need a lighter home page image but I need to make a haori first, talk to the folks in town who have an old Colt 45, and the people north of town who seem to be owning or boarding a dun paint that looks remotely like one in my book....yeah.

Anyway, enjoy the snippets that are up right now!  I still need to figure out if I can copy my Excel calendar files over into Photoshop for the dates section.  I'll mainly be doing character sketches in the blog section.



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