Fashion Show!

I'm really excited!!!!  This is my first fashion show, and it will just be my designs/creations.  It's hopefully going to be a big success.

Place:  St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Wayne, MI

Time:  After 2nd Mass

So far the girls from the Sodality are interested in being models, so once I get there we'll have to pass around the dresses and outfits and see who can where what.  I've already got a list of everything I need to bring - quite a lot! 

Nine outfits total - and a bunch of paraphernalia:  Flyers, display board, a stool in case a dress is too long for a model...etc.  Sounds like fun!

The theme is Spring and Summer outfits, so I have a mix:  Blouses and skirts, a few lightweight dresses, and a couple more formal items.


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