My First Wedding Dress

Meet Angela, the first wedding gown in my collection!  I'm also posting the design sketch, so you can see how designs go from paper to fabric.

Dress:  $770

Veil:  $50 (including small tiara)

This rather simple gown is made of heavyweight satin and is embellished with pearl and glass beads and ribbon flowers.  It has a square neckline, elbow-length sleeves, and a chapel-length train that bustles up under the swagged overskirt. 

There is some crinoline in the skirt, but there is plenty of room for an additional slip if a more ballroom look is desired.

Unless the bride asks otherwise, I line my formal gowns in a polyester/cotton blend to ensure comfort.  Sticky, sweaty acetate linings are one of my pet peeves! 

The soft cotton lets your skin breathe and feels cooler longer for optimal comfort. 

A technological advance that I've been appreciating recently is the advent of washable satins.  I use them as much as possible to reduce stress for my brides - if the dress gets a small mark on it, you can sponge it off with a damp cloth.


  1. Hey Colleen,

    You may remember me, Stephanie T. a fellow homeschooler and writer! :) I love you blog and the wedding dress is so beautiful! I too find it very appaling that many "modest" things may cover but are so tight and/or draw attentions to the wrong areas. I appreciate your stance on Modesty! So do you design dresses from sketches or sketch and then design for people? Say if someone camae to you and wanted you to design them a wedding dress and they described to you their thoughts and you worked on it together until you got "the dress of her dreams" then you would sew it? Is that how it would work? Or obviously, they could buy something already pre-made too :)

    I'm following your blog now, I have a blogspot blog too, if you'd like to be added to my private blog email me to let me know and I'll add your address to my list of allowed readers. It would be a joy to recconect with you again.
    Btw, I couldn't get over your short hair :) It looks good on you though!

    Because of Grace,
    Maiden Princess


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