Hello, Everyone!

This blog serves two purposes - I am a mainly self-taught fashion designer committed to modest, conservative fashions, and I would like to get to know you.  Second, it can be scary communicating with business people you do not know online, so I would like to be up here where you can see me and ask questions about my services, my designs, my ideas.

Clothing today is mostly so sickening, revealing, and poorly made that I decided someone needed to do something about it.  My Mom taught me how to sew with a machine when I was nine, and I've worked my way up since then - I've made two wedding dresses to date.

I offer a custom dressmaking service in the following areas: 

Bridal gowns
Women's formalwear
Costumes (period and fantasy)
Casual (long skirts, modest blouses)

Part of the problem with clothing today, especially bridal wear, is that it it not modest at all.  It seems the idea is to flaunt young women as much as possible, and I do not agree with that at all.  These are my standards:
·         Necklines are to be no lower than two fingers’ width below the pit of the collarbone, and no wider than two fingers’ width to either side of the neck
·         Sleeves are to be quarter length at the shortest, preferably longer
·         Skirts must at least cover the knees, and be full enough to not require slits
·         No unlined sheer materials within the area covered by these guidelines

I will be posting pictures of projects I've worked on as I go along - feel free to ask questions!


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